Personal, fast, honest!

At Mobic garage you can find all maintenance and repair work for your freight or commercial vehicles. Our advanced equipment involves more than 30 years of experience.

For our repairs we use two currencies: service and speed. Whoever calls today sees his car fast! Our quick service is due in part to our own deputies service.

- Maintenance and repair
- Mercedes vans and trucks
- Includes all trailers, cranes, compressors
- Mobic also takes your car to the car ride
- Guaranteed the fastest service
- Personal service; We know you and your car
- Worth your trust


For Mercedes we work with original Mercedes parts and we are one of the few independent dealers who have a Mercedes Star Diagnosis System (SDS).

Mercedes Stardiagnosis

Garage Mobic offers Mercedes's Star Diagnosis System (SDS) software system. This allows us to subject your vehicle to the most accurate control.

Air Conditioning Systems

Mobic is the right place for air-conditioning systems. We ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the best air conditioning system, so you can easily defend a hot summer.